Sunday, 25th October, Catching up

2:10pm. It’s been a few days since I updated my diary so here goes seeing what I remember. Wednesday and Thursday were spent at uni. I’ve finally got the keys to my office at uni! It’s small but it’s great to have a space I can call my own and have some human contact too. Another added bonus is I can come and go pretty much as I please and I’m not tied down to certain hours so I can go for a run in the morning and go into uni in the afternoon. I feel so much better.

Friday I went for a run. I intended to do around 6 miles around the reservoirs at Blackstone Edge but in the mist I missed my turning and ending up heading towards the White House pub. I turned round and saw a path heading down off the moor. I checked with OS maps and it looked like I could go down it and do a loop back up to Warland reservoir. I went down the hill and along the canal to the small hamlet of Warland. Here I followed the yellow footpath signs but somehow ended up wandering round in circles above the hamlet with all my routes blocked by barbed wire or locked gates. I eventually made it to the road that leads up to the reservoir only to be greeted by more electric gates and a path that ended up going nowhere. I headed back down to the canal and followed the route I had come down back to the top of the moor. I was shattered by the time I got back to my car. Over 11 miles and over 1,800ft of climbing had taken it out of me. My Achilles was killing me and causing me a great deal of discomfort.

Saturday I finished off my book proposal and sent it off to Jessica Kingsley Publishers. That was a great relief. I spent the rest of the day eating and drinking too much and went to bed late. Today I woke up feeling surprisingly good considering how I was last night and have done some tidying up around the house. I’m waiting for a parcel which may or may not come today. I’m not going to the club today as I’m shattered and I want to be good for tomorrow in case I go for a run and I have a load of uni work to catch up on too.

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