Tuesday, 20th October, Calm Tuesday

9:36am. I’ve had a good nights sleep and my headache has gone. I feel so much better today. I sent Claire a message that upset her on Sunday. She’s explained why she was upset by it and I’ve explained why I said what I said. I hope we can move on from it now and forget about it. Yes I feel good today a lot calmer and more balanced than recently. I’m going to make the most of today and finish off my book proposal and send it off and that’s another item ticked off my list.

9:14pm. I was deciding between going to the gym and going to CVFR for a Pack Run and Trevor from CVFR messaged me to ask if I was going over for a road run. I was concerned about my Achilles but I love running so a run it was. I got there in plenty of time and did some warm up exercises. More runners arrived and we split into groups and five of us set off on the Birchcliffe Burner route. This takes you along a trail that leads to the main road going into Hebden Bridge. Before you get into Hebden you turn right and right again to head up Birchcliffe Road, a 1.4 mile long 600+ft climb that takes you up to Hebden Bridge golf club. I struggled here, really struggled as the others were a lot faster than me and my Achilles was really painful going up to the golf club. I got to the top and met up with the others. We carried on Heights Road towards Midgely. Although my Achilles was still aching running was easier on the flat and I picked up the pace and pushed myself to do my best. The road was a lot longer than I remembered but I got to the top of Midgely Road and headed back to Mytholmroyd. We had a chat at Mytholmroyd before we all set off home. It had been a good run and I was glad I had gone. Home and some chicken in the air fryer and a couple of glasses of wine before bed. I was tired but a good tired and a lot better for going for a run.

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