Monday, 26th October, Monday, Monday

10:02am. I had a bottle of wine last night which considering how much I’ve been drinking recently is a vast improvement. Had far too much to eat and feel really fat and bloated. Woke up halfway through the night and came downstairs and had a couple of lollies before going back to bed. Managed to drop off and woke up feeling better but not up to running today. Another day of rest on my Achilles won’t do it any harm. Still waiting for my parcels to arrive and have loads of uni work to do but things could be a lot worse…

9:14pm. My new road shoes came so I went for a walk in them with Diane. I started off ok but after a couple of miles my Achilles was aching and stopping my going faster. I lost my old Berghaus hat too but went back and found it. I’ve had it over 25 years so it means a lot to me. All in all a good day.

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