I run…

Because the sun shines high in a clear blue sky


Because leaves rustle in the cooling breeze

Awaken sleepy birds from their daydream


Because dew raising through the morning mist

Moistens my dry lips and I can breathe again


Because the cat meows making the dog bark

And the mouse runs under the skirting board


Because the children play in parks and fields

Unaware that I am even there or even exist…


Because the gravestones stand to attention in formation

All proudly displaying names, dates and family history


Because the artist does not care as he paints with madness

The blue sky black and the stream running into the sky


Because cars stop and start, go left, go right

Backwards and forwards in a multicolour ribbon of metal


Because they are there, everywhere I go, every single day

Every single night, wherever I go they are there…


Because girls stand on street corners smoking and drinking

Whilst boys ride motorbikes down back alleys


Because four walls encase me leaving me lifeless,

Soulless, motionless, breathing in stale air drenched with sweat

Through walls thick with yesterday’s newspaper headlines


Because every hour of every day it is there and I am here

Listening intently as it calls me constantly, wantonly, never ending

Like a wolf howling in the night for me to come and kiss it

And feel its breath enter my body and touch my very soul…

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