Friday, 18th September, A good day

8:35am. After yesterday when everything felt out of sync and not quite right, today everything feels back in its place, back where it should be and I feel calm and relaxed. I had a good nights sleep. I woke around 4am and did think about getting up and going to the rock but I’m tired and my ankle is still aching so I stayed in bed and had a couple of hours more sleep which I feel better for. I’ve had a new idea for my book too, well the start of it. At the moment it’s too focused on my life story and not on the stones which are a big part of it so I’m changing it and seeing how it reads. Yes I feel good today, I have a good feeling about today. Lets hope this good feeling leads to good things today.

9:37am. I’ve rewritten the beginning of my book and I’m a lot happier with it. I think it is more reflective of what I want the book to be about. I’ll send it to Rachel later and see what she thinks and hopefully a publisher or agent will also get it. It’s not finished but it’s a start. This is a living, breathing, organism and as such it will develop and change over time but we all have to start somewhere and this is where I start.

1:17pm. I’ve been to Haworth again today. It’s such a lovely place and on a late summer’s s day like today it’s even better. I popped into the Bronte shop and bought ‘The Night is Darkening Around Me’ a selection of poems by Emily Bronte. It was only a £1 and is by Penguin Classics so good quality. The poems are some of Emily’s most powerful and passionate one’s on death, nature’s beauty and the passage of time. For the price and the quality you cannot go wrong.

4:31pm. I’ve done some more work on my life story and I’m a lot happier with it now. It feels more like a life story rather than a collection of thoughts. It feels like something that can be developed and changed as time goes on if needed rather than something that is as it is and that’s it. I’m off to the club now for a few beers. It’s been a good day so far. I hope it continues to be.

9:22pm. Had a good time at the club and then a friend messaged me to say they’re having a hard time and struggling too. Brought things back home to me that people may seem one thing on the surface but underneath there’s all sorts going on that you can’t see. All we can do is be the best we can be to our friends, the people who matter most to us, and stick together through these troubled times we’re in. it’s been a good day and I’m in a good place tonight.

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