July 23rd, ho hum, ho hum

:08am. I’ve had a crap nights sleep just lied there staring at the ceiling looking at the time going backwards slower and slower. Got up at 6:30am and weighed myself, put more weight on. Maybe I should stop doing long runs and do short ones to keep the weight off. Felt tired when I woke up but coming round now. Got a run round Haworth moor at 10am. Showing Alan Gibson round then going to try and do some studying. At least I’ve got my sunflower lanyard to show I have hidden disabilities and don’t have to wear a facemask. I had a chat with one of the managers at my local Tesco’s last night and he said there won’t be a problem for me. I do wonder how many people will cotton on to it though and start wearing one when they have no reason to. Sorted my new printer out too. It came with a USB cable so I’ve connected it to my longer one and now it reaches to my laptop without me having to move the thing. Still a crap printer though. Cheap and nasty and difficult to use. Don’t ever buy a Canon printer.

7:49pm. Went for a run with Alan Gibson to show him round the moors above Haworth and had a great run. Started off at Penistone Country Park up the Withens Skyline route to get on top of the moors, across to Top Withens, up to Alcomden Stones, down to Ponden Kirk and then the Stanbury Splash route back to Penistone. Really enjoyed it and Alan did too. I felt strong and confident all the way round and I’m getting used to the Altra’s now and starting to run a lot faster in them especially uphill. My feet and lower calves are feeling so much stronger than before and my toe off is happening naturally now and allowing my to sprint up hills! Really happy with my run today and another good route choice from me.

Came home had a shower and something to eat and finished scanning in all my assessments so I can email them to my supports. It might help with having them on my phone too in case someone ask me to prove I have autism and dyspraxia when I’m in a shop. Wearing a mask would drive me insane and I can avoid people when I’m out so I don’t see a problem. So far it’s been a good day and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into my research proposal tomorrow.

10:04pm. Time for bed. It’s been a good day.

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