July 24th, an ok day

6:27pm. Had a good nights sleep and woke up feeling good. Had a sleep in and had breakfast and sorted some stuff out such as requesting a Care Act Assessment of needs which I’m entitled to and need. After catching up on stuff I had something to eat and then my energy levels dropped through the floor and I had to go to bed for a nap as I couldn’t stay awake. It’s just one of those things at the moment, I have sudden drops in energy and all I can do is go to bed and sleep it off. I don’t know what causes it but I’m not too concerned at the moment. I woke and took my Altras to the local shoe shop to have some steel eyelets put in as I’m worried the material will tear if I don’t due to pulling the laces tight. It’s the only fault I can find with them. Now I’ve got used to them they are the best running shoes I’ve ever worn so much grip and stability. It’s amazing how wearing the right shoe can make such a difference to your running experience. My legs feel so much stronger and more flexible and I feel like I’m walking and running correctly for the first time in years. Everything feels as if its on the correct alignment and this is reflected in my running which feels natural now. I went for a walk and avoided going to the club as I want to be up early tomorrow for a run and then I need to crack on with my research proposal. I’ve printed off my previous attempts at it so now it’s just a case of putting them together in one proposal and adding in a literature review. My supervisors only want 1,000 words by next Wednesday and I have at least 500 already so a literature review and some better structure should do it. Going to have a relaxing evening watching rubbish on TV and I might even read something, I bought a history magazine the other day with an article in about the Victorians obsession with the occult. Sounds interesting. I’m looking forward to a run up Pepper Hill tomorrow the best hill around here and then put my proposal together and chill. I’m tiring now but it’s been an ok day for getting all those little bits done so I can get the big bits done tomorrow.

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