July 11th, new running shoes!!

9:33am. I woke up without a headache! After 12+ hours of having a crippling headache I don’t have one, at least for now! I’m going to make the most of it too. I’m going to go for a run. Might go short and muddy, short and hilly or long and flattish. I’ll decide when I get changed. I slept well last night too. Maybe it was the B vitamins I took before I went to bed, maybe it was not eating as much crap food or maybe it was a combination of the two. I do feel better today, calmer and more relaxed. B6 plays a big part in regulating brain activity especially in people who have ADD or ADHD. Maybe I do need to take a supplement because my body doesn’t make or process certain vitamins like it should do. Hopefully I’ll start to feel better and more energetic now. It might take up to 8 weeks to fully kick in but I hope to see a difference soon and not just in my running but in my studies and writing too.

10:55am. Going for a run but feel so anxious and nervous! Hoping the feeling goes after my run. Trying out my new Altras with zero drop. Hoping I’ve made the right choice. Have a few climbs and descents to test them on so I’ll find out!

2:41pm. Been for a run and the new shoes are great! They really, really grip and are supportive and stable. They promote a different style of running which is more noticeable on the road as you feel yourself leaning forward and your midsole hitting the ground more than your heel but they are really good and comfortable and are a lot better than me! They are a bit stiff at the moment but they will soften up as time goes on. For what they are designed to do they are the best I have ever worn and I can’t wait to try them on the moors. The only issue I had was a bit of knee pain in my right knee below the kneecap but this disappeared after a couple of minutes. Couldn’t find my teacup and came into the front room for something then forgot and started doing something else which is a bit worrying but we’ll see how it goes. Had something healthy to eat and the beginning of a headache is there so I’ll keep an eye on it so to speak.

4:52pm. Been to the shop to get my lottery in my flat pumps. My legs hurt! They hurt in different places to usual and you know when you’ve trod on a stone but this is part of my plan to be a better, stronger runner. I need to toughen my feet and strengthen my legs so they are at their most efficient and I can be the best runner I can be. My calves are screaming which I excepted they would as they are doing more work but it will be for the best in the long run.

6:17pm. I’ve created my new blog and posted some blogs! I’m shattered now but at least I’ve done some stuff on my to-do list!

8:28pm. Shattered but ok. Falling asleep. Legs are destroyed, running in zero drop shoes takes it out of you especially when you run on the road. I’m sure it’ll be for the better in the long term. Done my blog too! Well made a shit start more than anything else! Don’t know if I’m running tomorrow. I want to but my legs might not! I’ve discovered muscles in my legs I never knew I had!

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