July 12th, an unexciting Sunday

8:32am. I woke up during the night and couldn’t get back to sleep and then somehow managed to drop off and get some sleep. I’m tired and run down and I don’t know why. My legs are ok, I’m going to go for a short run especially as I might be in all day tomorrow waiting for my new laptop to arrive and I know I’ll wake up desperate for a run. Loads to do and no energy to do it but I’ll do what I can. My head is all fuzzy and woozy too. I had some wine last night but this feels different to a hangover. I’m sure I’ll be ok.

6:11pm. My run was good. Found some new paths and trails on my usual route and a decent climb, 411ft in a mile so at last I have something I can call fell near me. My right knee went again though, same place as yesterday but wearing different shoes with the same insoles in so I think it’s the insoles as I’ve changed shoes and insoles to go out and no problems at all.

Went to the club and sat outside in the beer garden. Red hot so a perfect day for it and nice to enjoy some socially distanced beers with my mates. Home now and so, so tired and pain in the middle of my chest too so going to go to bed as I need a really good sleep. Todays been good, better than I thought it would be and I published my diary on WordPress for the first time and I’ve got  20 views and 5 likes so far so I’ll publish another tomorrow. I hope they like these when it’s pretty boring!!

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