Goodnight Little Man

You came into our lives

A tiny bundle of joy and light

Brightening up our every day

As the sun brightens the glens

On the gloomiest of days


Our joy was dampened

By news we so dreaded

You were with a disease

So rare, incurable, so finite

Life would be short for you, but even more precious


But such joy you brought us

From a smile so radiant, so infectious

It could melt hearts of stone

To a wave that parted clouds of anger

Leaving behind only happiness, jubilation and gaiety


You were always so happy, so joyous

With your smile, your laughter, your wave

Never sad, brightening up the gloomiest of days

Melting hearts, intensely with such brilliance

Brighter than any star in the sky


Always home for Christmas

For you birthday

For your ceremony of dedication

A tiny bundle of blissful joy

That unfailingly rose to the big occasion


Family holidays followed

We came with you on two

And one world cup final

Dad, mother and brother watched with you

As you wore your England shirt with pride


For 18 short but wondrous months

You brought such joy, laughter and happiness to all

Your impact was immense, infinite

Always happy, contented, serene

You inspired, moved, dazzled, memorable to all


On the day you passed away

As you lay in your mother’s arms

Holding your father’s hand

You moved on to a new life

Peacefully, tranquilly, serenely


To play at Rainbow Bridge forever

No more pain, no more hurt, no more suffering

To run in a sea of sun drenched, velvet grass

Under a crystal clear sky of blue

To experience joy and happiness at last


And now every time we see a rainbow

An incredibly infectious smile

Spreads all over our face

Because deep down we know it’s you little man

Radiating joy, happiness and gaiety all over this place

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