July 9th, bored

10:01am. It’s another day of looking at the same four walls with no contact with anyone bored out of my mind. I’m going to try and read some books and do some tidying up and that will be it for today..

9:20pm. Read some stuff for uni! Read about social policy which is a massive influencer on our lives in many ways and yet many of us don’t realise this and take it for granted. Social policy has changed in so any ways too over the years and again we don’t realise it. Social policy is a big ingredient in my research as in its current form it is ineffective in supporting aging autistic people although obviously I have to prove that!

A fellow autistic researcher I know is very excited by my research and confirms what I believed in that aging and autism is a very under researched subject and there is so much scope for new insights and ideas it is limitless at the moment. I would hope that my research while qualitative and difficult to replicate in the real world would inspire others to tread a similar path in research of their chosen subject.

Vitamin B1. A supplement I used to take and need to take too as advised by my doctor years ago due to alcohol abuse and my bodies inability to process B1. I stopped taken it when I ran out of the supply I had from my doctors which they stopped prescribing due to cuts. Unsurprisingly my energy levels have decreased most notably in my running which has gone downhill since I stopped taking it. I’ve ordered some off the internet and hope it will make a difference and increase my energy levels and I can run free again.

A day that started off crap has ended up ok. Not great but ok enough and hopefully I can have a better run tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “July 9th, bored

  1. Nice to meet you Andy. Wow! Studying for a pHd!! I can relate to the not having any contact with people part. Great that you have a way with words so you can express yourself –every word is heard by Someone mate. Look forward to following your journey. Dennis


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