Thursday, 8th October, Bad day

8:36am. Had a bad nights sleep. Kept waking, sweating up thinking about my uni work, my writing and how people treat me and what they think of me. Off into uni soon but at this rate all I’ll be doing is staring at a screen.

10:05am. Once again I’m left wondering if people think I’m thick or an easy touch or someone they can treat like shit, walk over and just use for their own pleasure as and when it suits them. I emailed one of my Advisors about my getting a room at uni and they replied back I have to book an online meeting with them. I replied back saying I know I do. I was nice about it and didn’t fly off the handle but why do people feel the need to repeat themselves and make me feel stupid and thick? I know I have to book an online meeting but not everything needs a meeting. I said at the start of the email it was to keep them up to date or whatever term someone has come up with since yesterday. They apologised and I said fine but don’t do it again.

Then I come into uni and someone is sat in the room I’ve booked! They said I could use their desk! Cheeky bastards! I booked a room because I want a room not because I want to sit on the floor 6 inches away from a screen!

Why does it seem to me that if I’m nice people think I’m weak, pathetic, need help and support and walk all over me or if I’m strong I’m nasty and unapproachable? I am strong and I don’t need people telling me what to do all the time. I’ve survived my life so far and I’ll survive it some more too so people should get use to treating me like an adult and not a child!

6:08pm. Had a bad session at uni, only managed 100 words. Achilles is killing me. My walk was ok until someone splashed me!

8:31pm. More bad dealings with people. Had enough today. Off to bed.

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