Saturday, 10th October, Moving on…

8:48am. I’ve had a good nights sleep and had time to think about things. It’s time to make some lifestyle changes, I’m getting too old for this rock n roll lifestyle.

9:18pm. Had a steady day, nothing exciting. Been for a couple of walks and yet more new running shoes have arrived as well as my new Virgin TV box. It looks the same as my old one but is made by a different manufacturer and is heavier too and has a completely different remote. The online experience is completely different with vastly improved graphics and other stuff. Getting an early night as I’m walking with Alan tomorrow.

Edited the final chapter of my life story that I want to send off. My proposal is almost ready and I’m nervous but excited about it too. Will it get rejected and even if it goes into print will anyone buy it? Unless I send it off I’ll never know.

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