July 13th, frustrated and tired, my new normal

6:12pm. Had a good nights sleep for once. Went to bed early and even though I woke up during the night I resisted the temptation to get up and go on the laptop and stayed in bed and eventually dropped off again waking around 6am before getting up around 7:30am.

I felt good too. My new laptop, already out of date as is the software, was coming today and it came early around 10:30am which was good because I had other stuff to do. And then the frustration began. The new laptop is one of these ‘modern’ ones with the bare minimum of ports as everything is supposed to be in the cloud. So the 2 USB ports are used up by my mouse and keyboard, there’s no CD drive, god knows how you transfer files and stuff and to top it all off my large monitor doesn’t work on it so I’m stuck with a small screen when I was hoping for something I could actually see. To top it all off it’s been a day of setting up stuff I’ve already got setup, a day of a piece of plastic and metal asking me stupid questions and nothing working as it was supposed to just working as it wants. I’ve loads of programs on here I have no idea what to do with, I’ve got some online training next week for them which I’m not looking forward to talking to some condescending prat over the internet. I think I’ve eventually got it sorted but me and modern technology don’t get on. I could go and live in a cave on the moors after a day like today if I thought I’d survive longer than 4 hours. Yep so far a frustrating day of stuff not working and then taking ages to setup and get going and coming to terms with modern technology. Take me back to the 80s when life was simple and straightforward and you had a separate home and work life not a life where the lines are becoming increasingly blurred and you’re just a number available 24/7 to whoever wants you.

9:50pm. Got my monitor working on my new laptop so I can actually see what I’m looking at for the first time in months! Found some really nice, cheap wine too so not all bad today. Just tired but might have a lie in and go running later as I’m only planning going up to the stones and back. Just hoping I have a good nights sleep.

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