A selection of peoms inspired by the recent eclipse

I haven’t had much time to write anything recently as I’m in the final few months of my degree and that is taking up all my time, energy or mental resources. However I have been going to my weekly workshop and at the last one I came up with these around the theme of eclipse. I hope you enjoy them J

At once I am a storm

And the cause of the storm

I am a paradox

Causing and creating

The storm I am in

A storm of such violence and passion

It threatens to consume

Everything I know and

Spit it out so

That nothing remains

Except the light

At the end of the tunnel

As sure as the

Cow jumped over the moon

The eclipse stopped

The sun from spying

On its minions below

Like a total eclipse of the sun

I blocked out the memory of you

And the way you left behind

Your smiles festering in the

Dirty washing up that still

Remains there to this day

A thick brown sludge that

Smirks knowingly at me

Can 30 years of living

A life in a cloud filled

With droplets of acid

Be eclipsed with a drop

Of sweat falling to the earth

And showing the flower

The way to the sun…

In the final solution

The only solution

Is to eclipse all

Solutions that have

Gone before

You eclipsed my life

With the touch of

Your hand on my face

Yesterday so soft and gentle

Today destroying everything

I understand and take for granted

As your heart turns from a

Passionate, intense warmth to a

Chill that breaks bones, rips skin

And I am trapped by the fear

Of today vicious and violent

And the memories of the past

Distant and carefree

I wake up in wet grass

That rots my sweaty skin

Tears of green stained on my face

As I stare at a flock of birds

Going round and round in circles

Forever and ever as a

Thin white light pierces a leaf

Trying in vain to warm a butterfly

Through the grey chilled air

That sends my dimpled skin

Into spasms as it tries vainly

To keep warm and stop my

Mind from freezing over

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