Running with Autism blog 7

I went for a run yesterday my first run since my run with Claire on Monday. I made a lot of errors in the build up to my run with Claire, eating the wrong foods, drinking beer and running the day before amongst them. It could also be said that I didn’t give Claire enough respect either and I paid for all these with one of the worse runs I’ve had in ages. I felt fat, lethargic, slow and generally unfit. I wore the wrong shoes and I struggled from the off as Claire and her dog Amber ran off into the distance stopping to wait for me every now and again. I deserved everything I got that day.

The following days were filled with me questioning myself as to why I felt I could approach a run that way and my legs being in pain, lots of pain. I struggled to walk never mind run so I decided to take a few days off and let my body rest and recover. This is difficult for me as running helps me deal with my anxiety and other issues and when I can’t run these slowly build up and up until they explode and I go into meltdown. However I have learnt the hard way that resting means I can run whereas running when I’m not up to it can result in injury and a long layoff.

So I did the sensible thing and rested and thought about where I wanted to run. Midgely Moor and the trig point at High Brown Knoll came to the forefront. I haven been here for a while and it is one of my favourite places so I decided to revisit an old favourite and remember why it is one of my go to places.

The forecast was for rain in the afternoon so I set off early to catch the morning sun and arrived at the Hare and Hounds just as the sun was breaking through the clouds. I know these trails well so the route wasn’t a problem and I wore my new Saucony trail shoes hoping they would help with he niggles I had been experiencing lately.

I set off on the familiar uphill trail that takes you to the Calderdale Way and I felt good. In fact I felt quite strong and immediately I was feeling the benefit of resting my legs instead of doing more and I ran all the way to High Brown Knoll something I haven’t done for a very long time. At High Brown Knoll I stopped and looked around and remembered why I love this particular place so much. All around me was silent and still. I could see for miles and miles, cottages, farms, windmills, towns, hills and valleys. Everything I love about life I could see from this one point, everything I treasure most in life was here. I stopped a few minutes to take it all in, absorb what was around me, feel it transform me as I took in the natural beauty around me before I left and carried on my journey.

And I carry on I did as we all have to do. I gathered my thoughts and my gear and set off across the moor to Standing Stone Hill at the opposite end of the moor. I like this run as it takes you over the middle of the moor and when there is no-one around like yesterday you get a real sense of freedom, free from everything, alone on the moors at one at with the world. I felt good. My new shoes were performing well gripping on every surface and cushioning my aching joints from the rocks and whilst I didn’t feel that I was going fast I did feel that I was running well and making good progress.

I ran across Dimmin Dale to Standing Stone Hill and took the wrong path off. I meant to run down to Churn Milk Joan but took the direct trail off back down to the Calderdale Way. I decided against going back to Joan and carried on back to my car. I still felt good but my hamstrings were really aching now and I knew it would be stupid to push the pace so I concentrated on getting back to my car in one piece and not injuring myself. Towards the end there is a downhill section where I try and run as fast as I can but it wasn’t happening today a combination of aching hamstrings and new shoes meant I had to hold back and leave the sprinting for another day.

At home my hamstrings were really aching and felt like they were stiffening up. I decided to do some exercises with my exercise bands and some stretches to try and relieve them and it does feel as if they’ve worked. I have a minor ache today but nothing I’m going to worry about.

The rest of the day was spent shopping and catching up on stuff before I fell asleep on the sofa watching TV something I have wanted to do for a long time. I felt relaxed and stress free all day which hasn’t happened for ages either and tomorrow it’s a long run over the moors to Blackstone Edge and Dog Hill so today I’m working on my project, reading and relaxing.

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