Running with Autism 6

I had a good day yesterday. I was at the gym before my anxiety had woken up so it didn’t have a chance to get me. At the gym I did core and chest and had a good workout. A strong core is essential for a runner especially an off road runner like me and over the years I’ve developed a very strong core although it is covered in a layer of fat!

I missed a delivery by about 5 minutes and then had to endure the usual automated phone call to rearrange it which because of Covid they don’t do on a Saturday. I wonder if Covid comes out to play on a Saturday and there is more chance of catching it?

I was in though for my new trail shoes to arrive a pair of Saucony Peregrine 10 ST which I can’t wait to try out over the moors. The grips look great and they are wider than my usual shoes so hopefully they will give me added stability when running off road especially on the descents.

I went and voted and other than that it was a nice quiet day when nothing much happened and I was able to relax and rest and get ready for a day of running to some of my favourite places.

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