Running with Autism 5

The anxiety has returned once again to try and destroy my life. What am I anxious about? Anything and everything, am I doing the right thing? Am I being the best friend I can be? Should I message or shouldn’t I? what the fucking hell should I do? All anxiety does is give me a million questions with no answers and leaves me at a crossroads with so many paths off I don’t know which one to take. Usually I would go for a run to get over my anxiety but I’m nursing some injuries and I need to rest so that isn’t an option. I’m going to do some weights even though that doesn’t have the same effect as running and I have a meeting this morning which will be a welcome distraction for a while. I want to do so much yet I don’t know where to begin or even know if I’m doing the right thing. I’ll get through today, I always do but for now it’s all about managing my anxiety and living alongside it and not letting it take over and send me down a path of self destruction.

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