Running with Autism 4

A new week

It’s Tuesday but it feels like Monday because it was the Bank Holiday here in England yesterday. It always throws me out and takes me all morning to readjust and remember it’s not Monday but Tuesday.

I’ve woken aching from yesterdays run with Claire. I ran with a few niggles and having run the day before and then been to the club and had a few beers I wasn’t best prepared for it. As a result I felt fat, overweight and struggled from the off especially as Claire is a lot faster than me but I enjoyed running with her and hope to do it again soon. I’ve written about my run with Claire in another blog post.

So today my right knee and left Achilles are aching and I’ve decided to take a rest from running and let my body recover. I have upped my mileage recently and I’ve been pushing the pace too so it was bound to catch up with me eventually and it has now. I know from previous experience that if I carry on I will injure myself and have to endure a longer layoff from running than a couple of days. It’s hard resting but sometimes it’s the only thing to do.

The weekend was good. After the CVFR club run in Tuesday I decided to rest for a couple of days as the aforementioned niggles were beginning to be more and more noticeable and I was hoping they would subside after some rest. I went for a run to Stoodley Pike on Friday round the new route I had done a couple of weeks ago. I felt good until I got to the climb up to Stoodley and then everything fell apart and it was a struggle to keep going but I had to. I had around 3 miles to go from Stoodley back to Mytholmroyd and each step got more difficult and my legs felt as if they were going to stiffen up and stop turning completely but I managed to keep going and finished the run the worse for wear.

Saturday I rested and had a couple of beers at the club and then Sunday I was up early for a run with some friends. We were doing a recce of a route called The Coiners so called because it takes you past where the Coiners gang from the 1800’s hid from the law before they turned to murder and were hanged. Once again I struggled on the climb something I’m usually good at, and having to take a phone call didn’t help as my friends left me and I had to try and remember the route and catch them up! I remembered the route which is not always easy round the Calder Valley and caught them up at Stoodley. Coming back down to Mytholmroyd I found some pace and my legs were turning well. On the trail I was running fast and feeling good hoping I could run like it the next day with Claire. We passed a horse that had sadly died on top of the moor. We were told that people had been feeding it all sorts of different foods and one of these foods had killed it. Coming down off the moor the same way I had done 2 days previously I felt fresh and confident and enjoyed running back down into Mytholmroyd.

Sunday afternoon was spent drinking beer and playing dominoes at the club before I got an early night ready to be on time at Claire’s the next day. I will admit I didn’t prepare very well for my run with Claire and next time I will prepare a lot better and hopefully run better with her.

It’s been an interesting few weeks meeting new friends and reading about their experiences and lives. I am constantly amazed at what people can endure mentally and physically and I find them inspirational. Not only that they make me think about my life and how I treat myself and others and I know I can learn from them and become a better person. This is something I plan tom write about in the future so watch this space.

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