Knowing your place: a polished gem (8) Steve Ely

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Here’s a first…I’m writing this from the island of Arran; there’s a banner of cloud streaming from Goatfell. On this side of the island, the rocks that run into the sea are water-fluted sandstones; oxblood and ochre and tan. Unbelievably old. The granites of the high fell are youngsters. Half the places on the island were named by the Vikings. Everything’s layered.

Robert Macfarlane’s lovely book, Landmarks, begins with this sentence.

This is a book about the power of language -strong style, single words – to shape our sense of place.

I think I want to turn that on its head today. Writing about Jane Clarke a couple of weeks ago, I found myself speculating on ways in which  language (and therefore,  our writing) is shaped and informed by the landscapes where we feel we belong. How we come to feel secure in one landscape or another is a…

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