I’m here for you

He runs over the moors, an old Roman road on side, a modern motorway on the other. Every step he takes he thinks of her, she is in his every living thought right now and she never leaves his mind. He climbs one fell then down to the reservoir, so beautiful and peaceful away from the hordes who have discovered the world outside this is one spot they have yet to discover and ruin. He begins the climb to the next fell, going too far and having to come back he reaches it and stops to look around him. He is surrounded by beauty, so much beauty his eyes are overwhelmed by it as they try to take it all in. He thinks of her wishing she was here with him to share this special moment, knowing that at the moment it is impossible for her to be with him, hoping that one day they will be together forever. He begins the descent back to where he parked, thick mud and deep water hamper his progress, his enjoyment increases as he begins to feel his old self returning at last. A ping, a text. He stops and reads it. It from her, two lines, he replies knowing something is wrong, this is not the woman he has come to know over the past months, the woman he has grown close to, closer than he ever imagined he would. He carries on, his mind plagued with thoughts of her. At a crossroads he stops and sends her a text asking if everything is ok, reassuring her that he is there for her and he always will be. He checks his route and carries on through thicker and deeper mud his pace now slowed to a walk. His phone goes ping again. He stops looking over the reservoir so beautiful, so tranquil. He reads her text he was right. She is in turmoil her world ripped apart, she pours her heart out to him. He rings her. He doesn’t know why he rings her, it feels the right thing to do. She answers, they only have minutes, it feels so good to hear her voice even if her life has been destroyed. She pours her heart out to him, he helps her as best as he can hoping his words bring her comfort and hope in a world that has been turned upside down for her. She has to go, the call is over as quickly as it began. She says ‘I love you’, he replies, ‘I love you too’. She goes, he carries on thinking of her and her alone. He gets back to his car and sends her a message. For once he feels that he has done the right thing and made a difference to her life, made her realise that he truly means it when he says he loves her and he’ll be there for her forever. He drives home content with the life, the world for now.

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