Monday, 19th October, EPOC Monday’s are back!

6:22pm. EPOC Mondays are back! The best way to start the week by far. This week it was a Score event at Luddenden. I didn’t need to know the route, I just followed the others! The route was tough! Lots of climbing and slippery, cobbled paths. I wore my Mizuno’s which turned out to be the wrong choice as they had no grip on the cobbles and made my Achilles worse. It was still an enjoyable run but I should have worn my Salomon’s. The benefit of hindsight. After I did more shopping and bought some wine just incase I fancied a glass. Although my mood has lifted the headaches have returned with a vengeance today. They have paralysed me and prevented me from enjoying today. I had to go to bed this afternoon as they were so bad. I’m hoping it’s a one off and it will pass and I’ll be ok tomorrow. If not it’s back to the doctors.

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