Wednesday, 14th October, Steady return to running

1:58pm. I got up at my usual time and headed over to Ogden Water for my first run since I injured myself on 20th, September. I kept it steady and although my Achilles ached it didn’t stop me doing three laps of Ogden. I’m happy with that as it’s a start and it didn’t feel too bad. Home something to eat and now I’m at uni hoping to get more done than I did yesterday. The atmosphere is strange at the moment. Maybe it’s Covid but I suspect there’s something else. It’s almost as if everyone knows something about me but no-one is telling me because they assume I know when I don’t. it feels like something is afoot but I don’t know what…yet…

9:16pm. Read a different book for uni and it helped. Less reading but still clearly explained and far easier to follow. Feel like I made some progress. Went shopping after uni so got home very late. Paula has had to cancel Friday but it’s understandable as Len her husband has been given three months to live and then they stop the chemotherapy. So sad. A young mum with two young boys to bring up. It really puts things into perspective. Had a few beers and off to bed now.

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