Thursday, 15th October, that meh feeling

10:00am. Got up and felt fat and sick. I need to cut bread out and lose a lot of weight. At uni and ready to do some work. Still thinking about Rachel all the time. Why can’t I get her out of my mind and move on? Why is she in my dreams and my every waking thoughts? Maybe it’s time to cut all ties with her and move on. I’ll go to the stones tomorrow and see how I feel after before I do anything.

5:19pm. Feeling out of sorts and not right. Feel tired too but going to try and get some writing done. Tried my heel inserts with the arch support and they’ve made a massive difference. The pain in my Achilles has all but gone and the range of movement is back. My right arch feels fine but my left one is aching because it is being supported correctly. I hope the ache will ease in time and end up being pain free.

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