Thursday, 26th August, a run with Anne and Luna

6:09pm. The day started well with a £30 lottery win. Breakfast and other stuff done I set off on an overcast but warm morning to Heptonstall to meet Anne  and her dog Luna for a run up to Standing Stone Hill on top of Heptonstall Moor. Anne  had never run round here before so I wanted to show her a good, steady route that gave views all over the valley.

I arrived 5 minutes late due to roadworks everywhere. Every corner seemed to have a roadwork. We had a chat and I learnt some gossip and we headed off. I took Anne  and Luna down the road towards Lumb Bank and what I hoped would be the start of the Heptonstall 15 route. I didn’t quite remember it but we got to where we wanted to go and began the climb up to the trig point. Because of the rain the trail was muddy and wet but I like this and so did Anne  and Luna, especially Luna as she ran through every puddle she could find getting herself as muddy as she could.

I remembered the right trail up to the stone and soon we were ankle deep in mud but enjoying ourselves as we made our way to the top. Anne  and Luna were in front but it didn’t matter. Today was about enjoying the moors and having fun and we did. We got to the top and we stopped so I could tell Anne  the local landmarks and reservoirs and she could take it in. We headed back down to the Pennine Way that takes you over Heptonstall Moor and my legs finally came alive. I was running well and feeling good too. I reveled in this feeling and Anne  and Luna just behind me did too. We had a good run over the moor and headed back to Heptonstall were we had parked our cars. Anne  thanked me for the run and we headed off back to our homes.

At home I discovered I had received a cheque for £2.12, not a lot but they say luck comes in threes so maybe I’ll have a win on the EuroMillions tomorrow. I showered, changed and had something to eat. I was still feeling sort of nervous and anxious and I wasn’t in the mood for any uni work or writing so I decided to have a little clean to calm my nerves. Cleaning worked. The cats weren’t happy because they had to wait for their food but I’ve cleaned the kitchen and it looks a lot better than it did even if it’s not up to the best standard. I’ve had something else to eat and I’ve now going to relax and watch TV and get an early night as I have a big run with Claire tomorrow even if we only do the Hebden 15 instead of the 22. I’m looking forward to it and I’m sure we’ll have as much fun tomorrow as I have had today.

9:15pm. Time for bed. I need some quality sleep tonight 😊

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