Saturday, 22nd August, Steady

3:00pm. Had a good nights sleep and treated myself to an extra half hour in bed. After breakfast I caught up with my diary and then got changed and waited for the rain to clear. I didn’t want to go out, I just didn’t have the motivation, but I knew that if I didn’t go out today I’d be wanting to go out tomorrow and with a long run with Rachel on Monday I didn’t fancy going out tomorrow so I went out today and did some hill reps round Littlemoor Park. This was a good move and I feel much better now although feeling a bit tired so going to sit in my chair and watch some rugby.

11:14pm. Had a good day. Had a nap in my chair, finally found a comfy spot after years of trying. Went to the club for the quiz and cam joint 1st. Had a chat after. Happy with life today.

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