August 9th, Small changes can make a big difference

7:41am. I’m up, awake and ready for a run. A few beers yesterday but no paracetamols and feeling better for it. I’m sure I’m feeling better. Not quite as tired, bit more alert. Still got a headache, when you abuse your body for years it will get damaged and it might be irreparable but if you stop you might slow down the rate at which you decline and get some more quality years out of life. I wonder what damage I’ve done to my body physically and mentally and what difference it will make stopping taking paracetamols every day? I read yesterday that prolonged taking of paracetamols can cause dementia which combined with drinking too much gives me a possible reason for my headaches and my perceived struggles mentally. I wonder what my neurologist will say.

I found my dream house this morning on Facebook. Surrounded by woods on the outskirts of Hebden Bridge it’s perfect. I just need to win the lottery now so I can afford to buy it.

8:14pm. Got out for a run round one of my standard routes, up to the Giants Tooth, down to Cold Edge Dams and back over through Stod Fold and Upper Brockholes and then some footpaths that bring you out by the mast and home. It’s a nice route around 11 miles and 1,500ft of climbing. I made a big mistake after the tooth. I decided to go on the shortcut along the top of Skirden Clough but instead of going over the stile and down the hill I went down the hill and straight to the bottom. This meant I had to climb back up so I took the path that goes up the side near the fence. Not a good choice. It’s now overgrown and some of the bracken was up to my chest, most of it was up to my thighs. It was impossible to run through and almost impossible to walk through. I did but it was a tough walk and the shortcut was almost as bad and longer than I remembered. This added a lot of time onto my run which made it look a lot slower than it was. The rest of the run was fine, just a nice run out in the countryside.

I got home, showered and had something to eat before going to the club. The usual gang was at the club and after snooker we played dominoes. This time it was mine and Mick’s turn to win at dominoes and we did. After we sat outside in the sun and had some more beers and a chat. I went to the Co-op and got a pizza even though I promised myself I wouldn’t but I always have a pizza on a Sunday and after some beers I couldn’t resist. I’m off to bed soon and I haven’t had any paracetamols since last Thursday. I’m feeling better physically although I still have the headaches. I didn’t sweat as much on my run today nor did I want to pee all the time so it’s doing some good even if the headaches are still happening.

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