August 8th, wonderings

12:34pm. Woke up on and off through the night and started to contemplate an early run. Dropped off again at some point and woke up just before 7am. Got up quickly to hang my washing out before my nutcase of a neighbour hangs all her shit out and leaves no room for me. Fruit for breakfast and catchup on stuff whilst watching Where the Heart is. Had a stir fry for dinner and feel good today. The headaches had receded a lot and I am thinking clearer and have more energy today. Not going to run today and save myself for tomorrow and an early morning blast round the park before it gets too hot.

3:40pm. Been for a walk and got my lottery. Had a snack and debating what to do. Too nice and hot to do uni work even though I should be doing. Everyone is away having fun apart from me.

4:00pm. I’ve just done some writing and the headaches return after 20 minutes. 20 minutes. How can this be possible.

8:56pm. Been to the club for a few pints. It was nice to be around real people and have a chat. I love my cats but they only care about me feeding them and not me moaning to them about how my life is. I felt better for going. Back and something to eat as usual. I am running tomorrow. I’m trying to get to the bottom of my problems ready to chat with my neurologist. I’m wondering if my taking so many paracetamols is part of it? I’ve never thought of it before but I am addicted to them. I take at least four a day and some days more a lot more and long term usage like mine can cause neurological problems. My mind and body must be made of cast iron to have put up with the shit I’ve put it through. Headaches yes. Tiredness yes. Pains where I don’t want them yes. A good day? Yes.

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