July 16th, a tiring day

7:42pm. I woke early feeling good. I was expecting Paula to cancel our run at any time as she has done on numerous occasions in the past bit today she didn’t. I left it until the last minute to set off for Ogden and arrived there shortly before Paula did. Our run was short and steady. By Paula’s own admission she is unfit so I chose a route that was reasonably easy and runnable for her and we had a nice chat while we went round. We finished the run and said our goodbyes.

I checked my emails when I got back to the car and to my surprise I had two emails from one of my credit card providers saying I had made a purchase from Chain Reaction cycles for over £600 and that I was close to my limit. I got home and rang my credit card provider and it turns out my account had been hacked and they had made 2 purchases of nearly £700. They are investigating this as credit card fraud and because I reported it quickly I shouldn’t lose any money.

I text Jill about it and she asked me if I wanted to go to Huddersfield with her to pick up her book about Trump she had ordered. I said yes and she came and picked me up and off we went to Huddersfield. My directions as usual were useless and we got lost going mainly because the dual carriageway is closed but we got there eventually and Jill picked up her book while /I ought some Clarks pump type shoes in the sale reduced from £55 to £19. They’re lightweight and should be ideal for going to the club in.

Jill dropped me off at home I had something to eat and my energy levels crashed. I felt drained and unable to even stand up. I fell asleep in my chair watching TV and woke a couple of hours later still tired but at least able to function. I’m just so, so tired today and I’m looking forward to a good nights sleep and hopefully a run tomorrow. I’m praying that I have the energy to at least get up and do something other than sleep in my chair as I’ve so much to do and I need to get it done.

I’ve got a headache and I’m absolutely shattered. I’m hoping it’s nothing and it will pass but I’m sick to death of all these minor bugs I keep getting that are slowly draining the life out of me. I want just one big one or none at all.

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