July 15th, a steady, boring day

6:39pm. It’s been a steady day. Nothing much has happened. I’ve tidy up some more and it does look a lot better, honestly!! I’ve felt good all day, no headaches of note although I can now feel one coming on because I’m mentioned it and normal tired. Tidying up is helping my mental health. I never thought that getting rid of stuff would be so beneficial to my wellbeing. It’s hard getting rid of stuff but worthwhile. I’m hoping Paula cancels our run tomorrow so I can go out on my own over Blake Dean or Widdop. My blog has had 50 views today! I don’t know who is interested in my diary but someone clearly is! I might make something of my life and my writing yet!

9:07pm. Eaten my weight in crisps and chocolate and Paula still wants to run tomorrow!! Why can’t people cancel when you want them to!!

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