July 5th, Steady Sunday

7:48pm.  A nice, steady Sunday. Eventually plucked up the courage to go for a run and enjoyed it. It was one of those runs where you daren’t step outside and you really don’t know why but as soon as you do you feel better for it. Not having any salt helped too. I felt stronger and I didn’t seem to lose energy as much or as quickly.

Home, shower and to the club for the first time in months. Social distancing wasn’t a problem because there wasn’t many people in. we played dominoes and had a good laugh. A shame my friends are right wing and won’t have anything said against Cummings. The bloke is a dangerous liability yet so many people believe in him. It’s truly frightening. We lost at dominoes but it was good to be back.

Home and a pizza and a quick catchup on social media. Today really made me decide to leave my old running club. Somebody ran the Halifax Half as a celebration of running for 42 years which is good. It’s comments like ‘wow! Impressive distance and elevation’ that  wind me up. It’s average, it’s nothing special. Everything I’ve ever done at that club has been ignored by people there whatever the distance, the elevation or the fact that I did so much for them in fell racing it get to you and it sort of hurts when you get ignored and average runs get complimented. It shouldn’t but it does. Not anymore. Goodbye and good riddance.

I’ve a good route in mind tomorrow, tough but most of my runs are. I’ve had a good day. Not done much, caught up with some friends which was nice but I’m happy today and looking forward to a good nights sleep and a tough run tomorrow.

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