July 4th, headaches

8:59am. Woke up with a headache at 6am and still have it so not doing much. Wet and overcast outside a typical Northern day. Going to go and get my lottery and go for a run and then decide if I’m going to go to the club. I’ve all day to go to the club and my health is more important than going to the club. It might end up being a day of rest.

6:42pm. Had a couple of naps and done some tidying up. Not going to the club now, too late. Got a couple of routes in mind for a run tomorrow including Penistone to Boulsworth Hill via Alcomden Stones which involves a couple of miles over open moorland from the stones to the hill. It’s doable because I know what I’m heading for and on the way back I head for the stones. Been feeling tired recently and struggling for pace when running. I’ve increased my salt intake recently and I’ve read on the net that too much salt can make you tired so I’m going to take it out and see what happens.

9:44pm. Despite the headaches it’s been a good day a very quiet and relaxing day. I’ve surprised myself by not wanting to be at the club all day and wanting to get pissed out of my head. I’ve controlled the alcohol today and I’m proud of myself for doing so. I’ve plotted a route from the stones to the hill and I know what to look for in the middle of the moors and the general direction I should be going in. Wainwright might have found them bleak and featureless but there is something in everything if you look hard enough and I love these moors. To me they are not featureless and bleak but a landscape of never ending beauty and possibilities where you can truly get away from it and lose yourself even if only for a couple of minutes before you have to head back to reality. Today has been a good day, a perfect day for spending some time on my own reflecting. Tomorrow it’s back to running and maybe a couple of pints in the club.

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