Parcel Saturday

So the morning after the night before. Sleep was got eventually a welcome relief from the light coming through the curtains. Halifax parkrun for another day of volunteering and watching people achieve their dreams and do more than they thought they could. Home and the wait begins for a parcel to arrive. Waiting can be so tiring. Back to doing my Masters. Need to get back into it or I risk losing more time, time I haven’t got to lose. It goes well. Finish analysing my first interview only two more to transcribe and analyse now but I can do it. No more thinking about it just do it. Parcel comes and it’s a miracle, everything fits and is good. Down to Tesco’s and put the lottery on, buy some stuff and forget to take a carrier bag down with me yet again. TV is crap tonight, that bad I watched F1 qualifying while wondering what to do tonight. Watch X-Factor or read some poetry or a short story. I know what most people would say!

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