Reflections of a life passing by

Days and months gone

Seconds, minutes here, now

Years, decades to come

Days of summer, of winter, of autumn, of spring

Days of sun, of snow, of wind, of rain

All in the eye of my mind

Whirling around

Like a sandstorm in the desert

Water in whirling in a pool

An artic storm, blinding

Houses I have lived in, years, months, weeks, days

Homes made with others, by me, joy, pain

Friends from times gone by

Times now, here

Times to come, future friends

Good friends, bad foes, different

Siblings so near, so far

Parents gone, forever, goodbye

Never to be seen, on this earth again

But memories remain, always, linger

Reflections of a life gone, going

Living in an ever changing present

Thinking, thinking, thinking

Dreaming of a future, happening now

More reflections of the pool of life

Sometimes still, others, torrent

More memories to be made

Good, bad, different

Reflections of a life gone by

And a life to come

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