Life flips over and over

He couldn’t remember the day before a day full of anxiety and knowing something was wrong, very wrong. He hadn’t meant to drink but he felt he had no choice as his nervousness was getting worse, just one he said to himself to calm his nerves. One turned into two became three and four, five and more until he passed out after drinking so much. He went to bed and got a phone call he thought he’d never get, his brother was dead. In an instance his world turned upside down again. He cried himself to sleep and woke tired and hungover. He sent her a text saying sorry for the messages and that she could delete him from her life if she wanted to. She replied ‘I’m here for you’, ‘we’ll get through this together’ and ‘I love you’. His life flipped back over again. She had turned his day from dark to light. He set off to run over the moors with hope in his heart for a bright new future with this beautiful woman who knew him so well and made his life complete.

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