The walk

The walk had been good, really good. They had talked and talked about everything revealing secrets about their past to each other and discovering they had so much in common it was as if they had been separated at birth. They felt comfortable and natural in each other’s company talking about their experiences and emotions as if they had known each other all their lives not the six months they had. Was the final hug one hug too much he wondered? He knew she had feelings for him but her situation made it impossible to go any further. He had feelings for her and was finding it difficult to supress them despite knowing he should. He tried but one final hug and one little kiss was maybe too much for her. Now there had been no goodnight or good morning emails, nothing at all. Would it be a case of hearing nothing, an email saying please stop messaging for now or would nothing more be said and things would carry on as if nothing had happened. And her? Was she experiencing emotions that she knew she shouldn’t be experiencing and it left her with feelings of guilt she couldn’t cope with? It’s the not knowing that drives you mad and has your mind playing tricks on you.

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