Saturday, 31st October, Catching up

6:06pm. It’s been an interesting few days since Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday were standard, I went into uni and my new office and it was fine. I enjoyed it. Friday I went for a run with Kath round the reservoirs above Blackstone Edge. I thought it was going to be 6 miles but it turned out to be 9. A good, steady run over flat terrain although the trail above Withens Moor was muddy and wet in parts and I fell over and fell in on a couple of occasions! Really good fun though. I went to the club in the evening and had a good time although I got a pizza and a small bottle of whisky on the way home which undid all my good work on the run.

I woke today with a hangover and feeling tired. I had a pizza at dinnertime and halfway through Jill text me asking if I wanted to go for a walk. I did and it was a good walk although I felt ill from the pizza and I wore the wrong shoes again which set off my Achilles. It was good to get out though.

After I was worn out so I had a sleep and feel better for it. Rachel has been on Facebook but continues to ignore me. She’s showing her true colours now and I’m better off without her in my life. She’s not the person she makes out to be.

We’re heading into another lockdown which is no surprise for anyone who has a brain. It was always going to happen as viruses mutate and grow in cold weather plus with the country trying to get back to normal it’s had the chance spread. We’re going to have to learn to live with Covid because it’s not going away anytime soon.

I might go down to Tesco’s later for some bits but the main thing for me tonight is to stay off the booze and food and get a good nights sleep so I can have a good run tomorrow.

9:14pm. I went down to Tesco’s and got a bottle of Shloer and some alcohol free G & T drinks. The G & T was surprisingly nice. Food wise I had a can of soup, some chicken hotdogs and some chocolate and felt bunged up straight away. I went to bed sober but feeling very full.

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