Wednesday, 4th November, Struggling

11:19am. Playing catchup with my diary again. Monday was a good day. Got into uni early and made some good progress making plenty of notes and came home feeling good.

Yesterday I went for a run what I call a proper run off road over Haworth Moor. I took a different route to my usual one, one with plenty of mud. It was raining heavy and windy to start with and I felt cold as I haven’t been out in these conditions for a long time. I could feel my Achilles pulling a bit but nothing to stop me running. I did realise how fat and unfit I’d become over the six weeks I’ve been off despite me doing exercises. I need to lose a stone at least and keep running to get back to where I was.

I headed over the moor to the Harbour Lodge and carried on the trail leading to the Bronte Trail and the bottom of the climb to Top Withens. The trail was muddy and slippy and the sharp heather scratched my legs waking me up and making me aware of my surroundings. I stopped at the first descent though. While it’s not big it is steep and tricky especially when wet and I could feel my Achilles getting slighter worse so I made the sensible decision to turn back. The run back didn’t seem as bad as far as the heather was concerned and I took the trail back to the road rather than diverting across the moor as I wanted to see how badly unfit I was. It turns out I’m very unfit, not as unfit as I have been but nearly 5 minutes slower than my best time set this year says it all.

I got home and had something to eat and a shower and did nothing for the rest of the day. I got a reply from JKP about my book proposal a polite thanks but no so it’s back to the drawing board for my book. In the evening I drank a load of non-alcoholic beer and wine in the evening and sat there waiting for something to happen.

Wednesday I did nothing apart from me smoking 15 cigs and eating 6 packets of crisps and going for a walk with Jill feeling rough from the abuse I had given my body earlier. I went to bed feeling fat and bloated and a waste of space.

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