Saturday, 17th October, Favourite runs

6:21pm. Up early today for a run to Shackleton Knoll and Blake Dean tow of my favourite places I haven’t been to recently because of my injury. I parked at Grain Water Bridge and set off up the trail to Sheep Shit House feeling good. My Achilles was aching as I expected it would so I didn’t push the pace and went with how I felt and it paid off as I felt strong and soon I was heading up to Shackleton Knoll. As seems to be usual I walked up to the knoll, I can’t remember the last time I ran up here, but it was good to be back on some of my favourite trails and the views from Shackleton Knoll were as special as they always are.

I was getting cold on the knoll so I headed down to Walshaw and took the unmade road to Blake Dean as I didn’t want to risk going over on my ankle down the hill. Soon I was at Blake Dean and I felt better for being there. I took the trail up to the house this time avoiding the low path by the side of the stream which I know is very difficult at the best of times. Soon I was at the house and on the trail heading towards Gibson Mill.

I stopped at the bridge before I got to the main trail and decided to take the climb up to Walshaw. I reasoned that this would make the run around 2 miles shorter and the climb would be steeper but shorter. I walked up to Walshaw and Shackleton Knoll as my legs were getting tired and my Achilles and calves were aching. I expected they would as I haven’t run this far for a few weeks and my legs are getting used to my new insoles and being in the correct posture.

After summiting Shackleton Knoll for the second time in a day I ran all the way back to my car. It wasn’t fast but it felt good to be running downhill with confidence again. I drove home feeling good. Yes my Achilles was aching but my lower back wasn’t, hopefully the result of my improved and correct posture. It had been a good day out on some of my favourite trails regaining my fitness and confidence.

Home and after a shower and some food I went to help my neighbour who described me as ‘droll’ with her Britbox and mobile and came home to relax.

9:34pm. Done some more writing and editing of my life story and relaxed. Time for bed.

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