Tuesday, 6th October, Feeling younger

9:52am. I had a weird nights sleep. Weird but good. For the first time in many, many years I slept through the night pretty much. I woke once and checked my emails around 2am and that was it. I didn’t look at any other apps and woke before 8am feeling refreshed and ready to get up. I haven’t slept like this for so long I was forgetting what it’s like to have a good nights sleep. I’m feeling younger in other ways too. Just as I feel I should be slowing down I’m speeding up and feeling like a teenager again. It’s a strange feeling going backwards as you age forwards.

My Achilles aches a bit today as I expected it would but nothing to stop me doing anything. I’m going to go to the gym and catch up on some life story writing today. I’ve nearly finished my chapter about my cancer experience and have written two others suicide and being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome so I’m not far off having something to send off now.

11:48am. Done some writing and posted some photos from yesterday now they’re on Google. People are liking them and posting appreciative comments. It’s nice when people do that as it makes all the hard work worth it and gives me a warm feeling inside.

4:45pm. Been to the gym for another 2 hour weights session. Starting to see and feel improvements, lifting heavier and definition showing. My legs are feeling stronger too so hopefully this will help me when I’m back running. The most important thing is the weight is staying off. Last time I was injured I put on 2st. I can’t afford to do that this time. It’s too much trying to get back into running and lose weight. Hopefully this time it won’t be as much hard work. It’s helping my mental health too going to the gym. Gives me something to focus on, set some goals, burn my excess energy off and stay fit.

8:42pm. Literally falling asleep. It feels good too to be this tired naturally. A glass of wine and bed.

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