Friday, 2nd October, Improvements

1:04pm. I was up and out early today to go for a walk to the stones. I parked in my usual spot below Bully Trees Farm as I wanted a short walk because of my ankle. When I got out of my car my ankle didn’t feel right in my Inov8s so I swapped them for my Salomon’s instead.

I set off and felt good from my ankle aching but not impeding my progress. I went along the normal trail to Top Withens as I didn’t want to risk going off road and doing any more damage to my ankle. On my way up I could see the mist covering the top of the moors and this made my heart quicken as the moors take on a very different life when covered in mist.

At Top Withens I stopped and took some photos. The views were as spectacular as ever with the mist covering the tops of the moors leaving them in mystery and the cloughs and deans shimmering below.

I was going well up to the stones and the mist got thicker. The trig point slowly came into view and usually I can see the stones from here but today all there was, was a blanket of cold, greyness adding to the magic of the stones. Slowly the moors began to reveal their secrets and as I got closer the stones revealed themselves too.

I did slip at one point and I was worried I had made my injury worse but thankfully I hadn’t and soon I was at the stones surrounded by mist. It was cold and windy at the stones and I couldn’t see a thing because of the heavy mist. I wished I could run because I love running in these conditions but it wasn’t to be today. I took some photos and headed back aware of the need to keep moving and keep warm.

I headed back to my car the way I had come and while my ankle began to ache a bit more on the way back it did not impede my progress and I was able to roll my foot as normal, at times I didn’t even notice the aching which is the first time I’ve felt like this in a couple of weeks. Soon I was back at my car and driving home.

At home I’ve been able to walk about as normal. My ankle does ache but it’s nothing bad and today has seen a huge improvement over the past couple of weeks. I’m going to be sensible and take it easy over the weekend and look to going for a run next Wednesday to see how it is.

4:16pm. Off to the club soon. Started work on the chapter when I had cancer. Gone from 200 words to 1,200 in an hour. This is one of the chapters I want to write and write well to send off and show potential publishers and agents what I’m capable of. If I can get 5,000 words from this chapter I will be very happy.

8:37pm. Had a good time at the club. Didn’t do anything special but had a relaxing time. Fixed my watch too. Cleaning the contacts with a lens wipe works! One of the contacts did look dirty and it wasn’t charging right. Cleaned it, charged it and it’s still on full charge over 12 hours later. Thank god I didn’t buy a new watch! It’s been a good day. Time for bed.

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