Tuesday, 29th September, Dreams…

9:46am. The sun is shining and I’m good. I had a sleep in today. My legs and head need a rest from getting up early to go and see places. I’ve joined a site called Picfair to see if I can sell any of my photos. I doubt I will but I have over 4,000 so the more I upload and the better the chances of someone buying some. I’m going to finish my book today and send it off to the publisher. My two dream jobs writing and photographing doing something I love doing and a lot better than being stuck in an office all day dealing with other people.

4:39pm. It’s been a good day so far. I’ve had a couple of walks despite my Achilles killing me, an online meeting with some other PGR students and a catchup with my support. Now for something to eat and do some final editing on my story before I send it off.

6:39pm. Sent off my book proposal. Now the waiting game!

9:03pm. A good day. Time for bed.

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