Sunday, 30th August, Steady Sunday

10:04am. I had a good nights sleep although I have my usual headache but it’s not bad enough to impact on my day and I’m not going to let it. I’m going to do some exercises and writing before I go to the club. I’m looking forward to running the Lost Shepherd route over the Calder Valley with Claire tomorrow. It’s a route I’m been wanting to do for a long time so it’ll be good to finally get to run it.

8:37pm. I’ve had a good day at the club despite losing 3-0 at dominoes. It was good fun and good banter with great friends. I’m hoping for a good nights sleep and looking forward to another cracking run over the moors with Claire. I’ve done some more writing on my life story and I feel it’s coming along nicely. I’m hoping it’s getting better and more interesting. I’ve made an attempt to go deeper into my thoughts and feelings than I have before. I hope it shows.

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