Saturday, 29th August, Resting

5:33pm. Today has been all about rest after yesterday. I woke feeling good apart from my inner right thigh aching after cramping up yesterday. It’ll be fine. I’ve some exercises I should be doing to strengthen my knees and abductors and I need to go back to the gym to do a leg workout even if it’s only once a week. I spent 3 hours writing up yesterdays diary and Claire told me off for getting it wrong about the climb up to Stoodley Pike. Apparently she had something to eat and tied her shoelaces at the bottom which is why she was so far behind me. I checked our times on Strava and indeed, Claire was 6 seconds faster to the Pike than I was, so she was right and I got it wrong although in my defence she didn’t tell me. It’s all good fun and a good laugh. I’m getting used to being wrong and Claire being right! I found my chakra! Unsurprisingly it was underneath the mess I have on the backseat of my car. I’ve already ordered some new chakra stones so I’ll see if I like them when they come before deciding whether to keep them. My chakra felt as if it had more energy. Maybe a night away from me allowed it to have a rest and reenergise itself. I can understand that. There’s many the time I wish I could have a break from me! I had my dinner than got my lottery and popped round to my neighbour to sort her TV out and have a chat than popped to Tesco’s for some fruit and stuff for the weekend. I’ve got an idea that might help me get started with my life story. The story isn’t the problem it’s me. No planning, no preparation, no structure equals no story. I can’t just sit down and write an 80,000 word story without a plan as I’ve realised. I’ve still got Claire’s notes so I’m going to use them to make a plan or plans and see which is the best way forward for my story. If I plan I might see where sections intersect with each other and make a plan for them to work together. And yes, looking back through Claire’s tips she told me to plan…

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