August 18th, Tuesday, CVFR Pack Run

10:14pm. After a training session and a meeting I had a quick nap. I hadn’t planned to run today as yesterday took a lot out of me but I was the CVFR runner of the week and they mentioned that I helped them out on a Tuesday at club runs and I had been asked if I would pick up some hoodies on the way over and drop them off at the club as well as help out with the slower club run. I felt obliged to help out as I’m enjoying my time at CVFR so instead of staying in bed I got up and headed over to Mytholmroyd on a beautiful, warm, sunny summer evening.

I got to the centre in plenty of time. I set off early in anticipation of delays because of the roadworks but there was none. I warmed up and stood in the sunshine enjoying a rare moment of calm before everyone arrived. Slowly people turned up. Some recognised me from my bio and came over to say hello and have a chat. I handed out the hoodies and we split into our groups and set off on the run. I was apprehensive about the run as I didn’t know what shape my legs were in after yesterday and I was anticipating painful, lethargic legs and a very slow pace.

We set off on the CVFR handicap route with the plan to take a different path halfway up the hill cutting across the moor and heading towards Stoodley Pike. I ran at the back talking to a lass who was running slowly. We found the trail and headed diagonally up the hill crossing over the trail for the Coiners fell race. After this we came to a field which we where going to go through except that there were around 40 cows and calves in the field and none of us felt like running through it. The run leader suggested we jump over a barbed wire fence and take the adjoining field instead but thankfully some of the lasses didn’t want to jump over the fence and neither did I as I envisioned myself landing on it and doing some serious damage to myself.

So the five of us, myself and four lasses set off down the trail on our own route. We ran down on a trail that brought us out on Rake Head before coming onto Klinshaw Lane. I recognised this lane as it leads up to Stoodley Pike but tonight we didn’t go there. Instead we turned right and down a trial before turning right again and heading on Pinnacle Lane. I recognised this lane too from some of my previous runs up to Stoodley. On Pinnacle Lane my legs began to turn. I felt good and my pace picked up. At the end of the lane we turned right down Spencer Lane a short but steep bit of road and turned right again onto Wood Hey Lane. On this lane I was flying. Myself and another lass had picked up the pace and we were reveling in the evening conditions. I was surprised I was running so fast and feeling so good. At the start of the run I never imagined I’d be having so much fun an hour later.

Wood Hey Lane brought us back to the fields near the centre and soon the run was over. The last 2 miles or so were amazing. I was running free and felt that I could run forever. I didn’t want to stop but all good things come to an end. After we went to the pub for a pint and some chocolate brownies as it was someone’s birthday and then I had a pleasant drive home. It has been a good day where I have surprised myself at my ability to recover quickly after a tough run and show determination to do my best and enjoy running with people who share the same love of running over moors and fells that I do.

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