July 25th, studying and tiredness

12:43pm. I had a good nights sleep and got up around 7am. After breakfast I sat and thought about my research proposal and what I had to do. Now I have over 2,000 words and I still have to do my literature review so I’m a lot happier about it. I’ve no idea if it’s any good but at least I have something and my supervisors can read it and comment and we can move on from there. The headaches though have been there all morning and I have a letter from my neurologist for a telephone appointment. The headaches seem worse today and I feel drained, tired and not quite here, not quite with it so to speak. Off for my daily walk now and get my lottery and see if my Altra’s are ready and then home to do a literature review.

9:55pm. Had to go to bed and have a nap this afternoon. Felt so tired, something isn’t right… Went for a walk and got my lottery for what t’s worth. Home and tea and more tea. No wonder I’m such a fat useless twat. Just so tired. Don’t know if I’ll have the energy to get out of bed tomorrow et alone run. Is this it…

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