What made you accept my friend request,
Say yes to a stranger, someone you had
Never met, didn’t know. You ignored my
Messages, then one day replied ‘hi’. We
Got talking, laughing, exchanged thoughts,
Revealed feelings. Sometimes words flowed,
Other times awkward silence. I thought I had
Lot you and then ‘hi’ again and we were off.
You took an interest in me, in my thoughts,
My life, asked about my hopes and dreams,
As you gave nothing away about yourself, I
Only knew your name. I could myself getting
Closer to you even though I knew I shouldn’t
Because you are married. I kept pushing and
Pushing you, asking question after question,
You ignored me, but never went away. You
Told me I was ‘amazing’ completely out of
The blue. Then finally we ran together, we
Got closer, laughing and joking, throwing off
The masks we had been hiding behind, being
Ourselves. You went back to work, me to uni,
Still we messaged each other everyday giving
Each other a small glimpse into our lives. You
Say you want to be friends and nothing more,
But do friends message each other constantly,
Know instantly what each other is feeling, what
Each other likes, want to roam the moors like
Cathy and Heathcliff rolling on a purple heather
Carpet, the sprig you gave me still alive refusing
To die. I should delete you out of my life, forget
About you and move on. But I cannot. There is
Something about you that means I can never let
You go until we have played our drama through
To its end whatever that end may be…

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