July 7th, An average day

9:17am. I’m tired. Tired from yesterday physically and mentally. A wrong route choice off of Boulsworth cost me a lot and my shoes not supporting my feet correctly didn’t help either. Luckily for me I’m just tired today and have no signs of any injuries that I thought I might have particularly on my feet and ankles. My OS VR was correct. I misjudged where Walshaw Dean reservoirs were so it was a good job I didn’t set off over the moor the way I was going to go or I would have ended up in the middle of nowhere. There is a way down I believe but I need to bear left if I end up there again. Alternatively I can come up from Walshaw Dean and go as far as the track goes and see if there is a trail from there up to the Mere Stones and onto the Dove Stones. There probably is as the information on the internet says that hikers go over this part of the moors so there will be something there and while OS maps is brilliant not every path is on there especially these ones over these moors.it will be a while before I go back though as my body needs to recover although I may break it down into smaller sections to make it easier.

I had a good nights sleep which I needed and adding cherries and melon to my diet seems to be paying off already as I feel a lot better for it. Today is a day of catchup and getting on top of things as much as I can, have a look at my uni work and decide if I’m going to run the Meltham Way tomorrow.

11:53am. Someone asked me about the rocky outcrop on a couple of my photos near the summit of Lad Law. After a lot of searching I’ve discovered they are the Druids Slaughter Stones and date back around 2,000 years to prehistoric and Neolithic times. It must have been truly terrifying to be dragged up to the top of Lad Law knowing you were going to be pinned down to the stone to be slaughtered. I’ll have to go back to Boulsworth now for a closer look but this time I’ll go from Wycoller and take an easier and shorter route up.

9:10pm. Read some about social policy. Not enough but it’s very interesting how many different views they’re on social policy and when you think about it so many people take it for granted and believe the headlines without thinking about the policies behind it and how it has changed over time to reflect the views of those in power… Started falling asleep so went to bed for an nap and woke up 2 hours later ☹ Went to Tesco’s to get some cherries and melon my current superfoods and ones that seem to be making a positive difference so far… I’ve told Roger and Kevin I won’t be at Meltham tomorrow so will do a few laps of Ogden to see how my legs are. Going to have a beer before bed. An average day but nothing wrong with that.

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