July 3rd, a day of calm

11:02am. Today so far has been quiet and peaceful a nice change to the week that has gone. I don’t know how long it will last, as anyone who experiences mental health issues they know only too well to make the most of the calm times because the turbulent ones are just around the corner and this is at the back of your mind all time, when will the turbulent times come back.

Physically I feel good too the best I have felt all week despite losing my legs in the bogs to and from Hoof Stones Height and them still aching from the experience today. Yesterday was quite an adventure as I play catchup with many of my friends exploring the Calder Valley and South Pennines and piecing together the moors, fells and reservoirs that litter this beautiful area making it one of the most exhilarating places of natural beauty anyone could wish to visit.

The climb up to Hoof Stones Height was one of the most eerie and spooky runs I have ever done, a bleak moorland stretching out before me with the odd tree breaking the skyline. A footpath of bog for mile after mile making progress difficult and the occasional break in the mist revealing the valleys and villages below. Running on the Pennine Bridleway brought home how close yet how far away we are from safety with the outlying reaches of Burnley in the distance yet here I was in the missile of nowhere and one slip, one fall and no-one may ever find me, yet I could see the warmth and safety of homes a couple of miles away. It is this contrast that helps me to appreciate the moors and fells even more and the hope that they will be there forever and not lost in another housing complex with road names taken from the places that were once there but are meaningless to the people who live there.

I’m going to be leaving QRC too. They got me into running and they great in the beginning but it’s time to move on and run for a club that I feel shares my love of running off road, CVFR.

And that’s it so far today. I’ve caught up on a few jobs I have to do although I have a lot more to do. I’m not running today as my body needs a rest from yesterday and the week in general and I’m waiting for my supervisors to come back to me about my research proposal so today I have a day to myself with which I can do nothing or something. The cats are fed and sleeping and are happy so no worries today just enjoy.

2:04pm. Done some exercises, hard work having not done them for a couple of weeks and it’s something I need to keep on top of to improve the strength in my knees and core and my balance. Finally sorted out the problems my notebook has been having connecting to the internet and now have a million updates to install but at least now I can have two screens going at once for my uni work. Had a look at OS maps and now have a better understanding of the Upper Calder Valley. Truly a fascinating area with so much history in so many different forms. I can’t wait to be back there next week for another long run. I have found my heaven on earth and if I am fortunate enough to win big on the lottery and euromillions I will move there and live out the rest of my life exploring every nook and cranny of it and learning as much as I can about it.

4:47pm. Had some feedback from one of my supervisors about my research proposal and it was very positive which is great news. Also found some challenges involving trig points which I love. There’s a good number of challenges around here for the steady club runner.

9:16pm. Had a nap and a walk down to Tesco’s to get my step count for the day more than anything else. Discovered Country Manor, cheap and cheerful wine that I like! Looking forward to a good nights sleep. Tomorrow the club reopens after 100+ days of being closed. I was there was it closed on that Friday and will go tomorrow. How many I will have only time will tell. A run tomorrow before I go will be good and we’ll see what Sunday brings. If only every two days were like this, a good hard run over the barren, bleak moors that Wainwright hated and then a day of rest before I do it all again.

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