June 24th, running in hot weather with no water is bad for you

6:14pm. Today started nicely. Up early, bright sunshine, breakfast and ready for a run round Stainland with Kevin and Trevor. I was nervous and apprehensive though as my right knee was still a bit sore from Sunday when I sprinted over the moors at Blackstone Edge and I didn’t want to go too fast and risk an injury that would stop me running  so I decided to go at my pace and see how I got on. If it hurt too much I would stop and walk back to the 1885. I wore my Hoka’s as they have the most cushioning and hopefully they would reduce the impact and strain on my knee.

I got to the 1885 pub and Kevin was already there. Immediately he came over and and we had a chat whilst we waited for Trevor. Trevor turned up a bit later and we all had a chat with Kevin and me noting that Trevor wasn’t carrying any water. Trevor said he would be ok and we set off on Kevin’s 8 mile, 1800ft fell race loop.

I’m not sure where we went as I’m not familiar with Stainland even though I’ve run round there a few times. We headed down and across the road from the 1885 and took a trail near a church. Kevin and Trevor were well in front of me as I didn’t want to push myself too hard and risk dehydrating myself in the already hot weather and they are both faster than me on road and trail. We headed down and then up where Kevin and Trevor waited for me to catch up with Kevin asking me if I was ok and me replying yes.

We headed up and eventually reached a trail where we stopped and took some photos with Kevin asking me again if I was ok and then telling us that there was a big climb coming up. We went through someone’s garden and headed and across a valley, I think it was Stainland Dean. Here again Kevin and Trevor stopped and waited for me and Kevin again asked me if I was ok. By now he was getting on my nerves a bit with his constant questions. It was here or shortly after that I told him that I was ok and he didn’t have to ask me all the time.

We carried on running up and down hills and through fields till we hit a long stretch of road that took us to a hill near the M62. Here we stopped to take some more photos.

We carried on down a hill from where we could see the M62 and came out on the route of the Stainland Trail near were the ex Calendar presenterlives. We went along the canal for a bit before heading back up.

Trevor by now was feeling the effects of running in hot weather with no water and drank some out of the stream. We carried on the Stainland Trail route and I was still lagging behind refusing to overdo it and risk dehydration and injury. Then we came to the last big climb. Kevin told us that if we didn’t want to do it we could run on the road instead.

We set off up the climb and I noticed that Trevor was struggling and falling behind. The effects of no water and no hat were having a detrimental effect on him now and he was getting weaker and weaker. At the top Kevin and me had to wait several minutes for Trevor and then we waited for him to come round as he was feeling lightheaded and exhausted from the climb.

We headed for the road and took a right off it back to the 1885 on the trail we had come down. By now I was running faster than Trevor my pacing and taking onboard liquid paying off. On the trail I couldn’t see Trevor behind me so when I got back to my car I ran back with some Lucozade for Trevor while Kevin drank some cold water by his car. Trevor was grateful for this and came round as soon as he tasted it. At the 1885 we had a chat about preparing for an off road run and Trevor agreed that he had taken it too lightly and assumed it would be like a road run but it was a lot tougher.

My knee seemed ok although my glutes were aching when I got home. My new insoles had arrived and I’ve put them in my ON road shoes and they seem to be helping my right knee and I have a flat arch on my right foot and this causes my knee problems. The new insoles raise it up and it seems a lot better now.

I decided it was too hot to stop in and do some uni work so after I had got my lottery I went to sit on a little hillside I know and chill for a bit. I listened to some Alan Bennett I have on audio book while soaking up the suns rays.

My phone started overheating and turning the audio book off so I started thinking whilst I lay in the grass. I noticed that the horses were in a field that looked like a carpet whereas I was sat on rough grass that felt rough on my skin.

After sunbathing for a while I went to Tesco’s and got some pink gin as I fancied a nice, refreshing drink tonight before I went to bed. I bought some frozen fruit to put in it and then had the idea of putting the fruit in a glass and having it with water.

My legs feel ok now the best they felt since Sunday. I might go for a run tomorrow, I have a couple of routes in mind but wherever I go I’ll be up and out early as I struggled to breath sometimes today. I understand now why Claire goes out early before it gets too warm. It must feel like you’re choking in this heat with asthma.   

I’m tried but good. I’ve not done much today but I’ve enjoyed it. The headache has been mild today, still there but nothing I’m not used to now.

8:34pm.  It’s been a good day and it’s time to go to bed.

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